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19-Oct-2020 15:12

How could their poor mouths handle so much gelatin, we wondered.

One of our dear readers who was actually brave enough to eat some of the gummies from the previous tour informed us that they taste a lot better if you soak them in vodka for a day or two before eating them, but realistically, rather than eating ten tins of gummies, wouldn’t it be easier to simply drink the vodka and have done?

Imai a chance to exhibit his own crude crayon drawings at the Yokohama Romankan back in 2011, and even drawing an original mini-mural directly on the wall of Imai’s house.

Uno has also worked with Buck-Tick before in a professional capacity—he provided the cover illustration for Razzle Dazzle, elements of which were also used in the designs for the tour goods on that tour.

”But the question fell on deaf ears, as the card-swappers had already gone back to their high-speed Buke-Tike-Pokemon game, and there was no snapping them out of it.

Plus, after spending 1000 yen per gummi tin and pack of trading cards, they’d already dropped more cash on glossy pieces of cardboard than they had on tickets to the actual show, and by this point, they were flat broke.

(To my knowledge, Love & Media Portable is not open to overseas members at this time.) As with previous standing tour/fanclub tour combos, the band members used the same set and costumes on the fanclub-only nights as they did on the general admission nights, and performed many of the same songs on both nights as well.

House Acid Chicago Detroit Afro / Tribal Lo-Fi Minimal Tech House Deep House Italo House Disco House Nu Disco Synth Boogie Re Edit Italo / Cosmic / Electro Crossover Jazzy_ Downtempo Breakbeats Ethnic / Folklore / Cumbia Mellow Balearic Ambient Upper House Electro House_ Progressive House Trance Classics Japanese Mix CD Minimal Techno Hard Techno Industrial Techno / E. M Experimental Techno Minimal House Minimal House Japan Minimal House Romania Minimal House US Minimal House France Minimal Electro Tech House_ Tech House GER Tech House UK Tech House US Leftfield House Chicago / Detroit Dub Techno Electro_ Acid_ Synth / Electronic Electro Pop / Synth Pop Synth Disco / Nu Disco Electro / Electro Disco / Techno Electro House French Electro / Techno German Electro / Techno Bass / Beats / Breaks Breakbeats / Breakbeats Pop / Hip Hop Dance Pop US & CAN Indie / Rock UK_England Indie / Rock UK_Scotland Indie / Rock UK_Wales & Northern Ireland Indie / Rock EU & Others Indie / Rock Aussie & NZ Indie / Rock Electro Rock / Pop Indie Pop / Jangle Pop Shoegaze / Dream Pop Synth Pop / Bedroom Pop Weird Pop / Psyche Pop S. Country / Americana / Folk Rock Folk / Free Folk Post Rock / Math Rock Experimental Rock / Avan Pop Post Punk / Dark Wave Garage / Psyche / Noise Pop Lo-Fi / D.

/ Folky / Acoustic Major / Pops Alternative Rock / Indie Rock Alt. Psych / Kraut / Improv Dark / Synth Wave Hardcore / Metal / Junk / Noise Experimental / Electronic Electronica / IDM Japanese Electronic Leftfield Pop Industrial Noise / Avant Wave / Electro / Alternative Ambient / New Age / Modern Classical / Minimal Dark Ambient / Drone / Metal EXO / Tribal Leftfield / Downtempo Oldies / Surf / Rock'n'Roll Rock 60's / Folk Rock British Beat Garage / Garage Psyche / Art Rock Soft Rock / Soft Psyche / Acid Folk S.

We had no choice but to go sample box wine without them.

And yet, even as we left the madness of the venue lobby and headed down the steps of Minato Machi River Place in search of a bar, escaping the Pokemon was nowhere near as easy as we thought it would be.

In short: elegant, mature designs on useful items, the sort of thing that actual adults can use and wear (worlds away from the invasion of cartoon pandas on the general admission goods.) Who wouldn’t want to buy a whole pile?