Advice for dating older men

09-Nov-2020 04:55

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As the title “Dating Tips For Older Men” implies, our focus today will be on the older side of my readers, but that doesn’t mean that younger guys will not find this article beneficial, as you will soon realise, Do you remember how easy it was to get laid in high-school/college?

Even if you were too busy back then to get any sort of action, it is fairly common knowledge that high school/college is your “get laid” heaven.

Don’t go back home thinking about how it could’ve been or because when you meet the girl, all of your secrets will be spilled and that’s going to be a big turn down.

Choose a photograph of you that shows you from the best side and write a not-too-big/not-too-small description about what you like in life and some key denominators such as Height, Weight and job role. Once that’s done you should search for your woman/women of choice.

Everyone will almost always show the best side of themselves online, which makes them leave out the negative.

No one is perfect, so expect the unexpected when you see them.

Try to ask questions about her, LET HER KNOW YOU’RE INTERESTED IN HER.because they will go with it if you’re confident enough about it, care about yourself and found a woman that would be on the same page as you.

She cares about you being dependable, stable, and trustworthy.Women love the sense of mystery that comes with an older guy, you do not have to be actually mysterious for them to perceive you that way, you just have to pay attention that you are not just an open book or it’ll get boring for her and she’ll sneak away into the restroom never to be seen again.The key for a successful date is to make it about her, let her talk and the conversation will derive from it.It is not just that you were younger, probably looked better, and had way more energy and time on your hands, the main reason why it was easier to get laid in college was because you were exposed to women a lot more and it so happens that those women didn’t give that much thought about whom they’d sleep with, they just wanted to have fun.

As women get older, they start to look for men to settle down with, which make them a lot pickier about randomly hooking up with guys than they were before.It’ll assure her that you’re honest and trustworthy – If you have the chance to advance your relationship with a fellow woman, do it.