Am dating muslim guy

09-Oct-2020 13:18

Of course it is a legally recognized marriage if a Muslim man marries a christian woman, however you have to consider daily fights that can escalate into much bigger things.

Also consider how your family or his family may react, as this often tends to have an effect on each spouse, regardless of how sure you are that your parents don't affect you.

Think about openly discussing it with him and at the same time, consider learning more about the religion. Read the [quran] ( it's a good place to start. There must be a spectrum just like with other religions with regards to how liberally someone follows Islam right? I may be wrong on this, but from my observations, Indian/Paki Muslims tend to prefer marriage within their own ethnicities.

My biggest question for you is how his family would react. I am an American Muslim convert married to an Arab man from a relatively liberal country. The Saudi guy did not follow Islam closely (drank, smoked, didn't pray, didn't eat halal, etc.), but it was clear from the beginning that his family wanted him to marry a girl from Saudi and, more specifically, from his own tribe.

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Are you saying that you would actively raise your children to be Muslim when you do nto believe it to be the best possible philosophy?

Although I am not a virgin, he is adamant in his decision to stay celibate until marriage, and I completely respect that (we kiss, but that is all).

I'm Catholic (not practicing) and am not likely to ever convert.

Hey /r/Islam, I've been lurking here for a little while, trying to familiarize myself with your tenets and whatnot.

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I'm doing so because I, a non-Muslim woman of 23, am dating a Muslim man (24).While it's great to think ahead, I am not sure if these months are enough to judge a person whom you may want to spend the rest of your life with.

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