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26-Nov-2020 04:02

It features a durable and comfortable seat paired with a supportive backrest that is based on vertical elements with decorative carving.

Add fantastic style and comfort to your dining room with this set of six French antique dining chairs.

Go for simple and sophisticated design when choosing a set of dining-room chairs. Antique design for an old-fashioned cane chair with a wicker seat and a frame made out of dark oak wood.

Antique cane chairs are sure to introduce a dose of elegance and the charm of French interiors so take them into account. The chair is finished off with a light coat of varnish and no paint, which gives it an authentic look.

Durable wooden chair that represents a very nice antique stylization.

Black and white combine in the unconventional upholstery of the seat, which is decorated in geometric black shapes on a white background.