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Secure Chat doesn’t unveil the author, that’s why it’s easy to speak without disguise.Put this shoutbox on each page of your website and visitors can chat to each other in real time.The shoutbox is an iframe element, and the script operates using javascript and stores the messages in a My SQL database. When the new message is displayed, the shoutbox is scrolled down so that the new message comes into view. The Pro Shoutbox is a chat-like feature that allow people to quickly leave messages on your website. The Pro Shoutbox can be integrated with any content management system or installed as a standalone unit Webfroot Shoutbox allows users to post little blurbs on your website like a small guestbook/chat box/tag board. A working administratable demo and list of other shoutbox sites available at the website.Every business requires the form of modernize and time to time furnish to move up their business rank in the money-making market.Let's illustrate with the simple example (above) first.We start by looking at the line that the stack trace has told us is where the NPE happened: In Java all the variables you declare are actually "references" to the objects (or primitives) and not the objects themselves.(This is a technicality, but I think it bears mentioning: A reference that points to null isn't the same as a C pointer that points to an invalid memory location.

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Whats App Clone is a clone script that lets you develop a messaging app similar to Whats App.

reference = null; // "reference" now point to null.

// But "other Reference" still point to the "real" object so this print 1 too...

It is easy to use and install; it supports multiple languages, platforms and payment gateways. Simple to set up, and easy to customize colour and layout using CSS, with emoticon parsing option.

Database integration is easy to implement PHP Shout Box allows developers to add a instant message shout box to websites. PHP Shout Box handles some of the details that other shout boxes do not. 11 emoticon themes to choose from, language pack support, admin pages to edit/delete and configure.println( other Id() ); // Guess what will happen println( Id() ); // : S Throws Null Pointer Exception because "reference" is pointing to NULL remember...