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23-Oct-2020 01:37

Dating Skills Review has been featured or quoted in: Email has a typo. Brent Smith was originally one of the inspirations for David De Angelo 's dating system and his e Book.

Brent also appeared later in David De Angelo's seminars and interview series as "Brent".

Helping you see that being ‘simple’ and ‘carefree’ is the best approach, you will achieve more by doing less.

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• The lazy way to attract women; how to systemically eliminate all “effort” with women (even the most beautiful ones) that makes your attitude sexier than James Bond’s • Simple rules and mental exercises that quickly and automatically cause you to “unlearn” all the bad habits you’ve been taught about women and dating • Where to go out at night – so that you can focus on FUN, and let women come to you!

Here’s the deal: You need honest, complete and up-to-date information and education available to you NOW. I am here to provide you with guidance and inspiration that’s backed by science, data, facts and results.

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Learn about my core philosophy (AHW Instantaneous Transformation Equation) and guiding principles, and how they can help you create the life you deserve and always wanted to have today. I am in the trenches just like you still learning new things with each passing day.

I want to make sure you get the most results from this program in the shortest time possible – so I also created a Quick-Start guide that makes it brain-dead easy for you to get fast results.