Bt home hub not updating dyndns

08-Jun-2020 04:49

bt home hub not updating dyndns-28

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The other alternative is to set up a dynamic DNS account.

In order for this to operate a piece of software has to be set up on your router, camera or a local PC.

First off, open the configuration page: this is typically done by typing or into your web browser, but if you aren't sure you can find out by typing "ipconfig" into a Windows command prompt, or "route -n" in a Mac Terminal Window. These will tell you the range of addresses the router gives out, which will include a start address and an end address.

In both cases, the default gateway address is the IP address of your router, which you should enter into your browser's address bar. For the BT Home Hub 5, for example, it gives out addresses between and

I did this “headless” using SSH over my local network.

A fitting analogy would be to consider your home telephone number changing whenever BT felt like it.

What you need to do, for devices that require it, is to use an IP address outside of this range; if you don't, you may end up with two devices using the same address, which isn't allowed and will cause problems.