Bungie service record not updating

24-Mar-2020 10:53

Trying to turn it into an Apple vs Microsoft debate just looks a little petty. But why do you state Macs are 00 when they start at 0?

Most people don't get Windows without buying a PC either. Because they don't start at 0 here, they start at 00. It's the idea that their monetisation concept is build around their entire ecosystem; you can't buy a computer that will run OS X natively from any other company than Apple.

Trying to turn it into an Apple vs Microsoft debate just looks a little petty.

My point was that Apple's hardware is universally tied to their software. This means you can't talk monetisation of software without bringing hardware into the debate as well.

Though I'm surprised that they would make Windows free at all when they can keep charging for it. But to make sure the money thing doesn't happen to anyone of you, DO NOT UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10!!! I'm still on Windows 7 because I don't like the way they catered towards non-desktop users with Windows 8.

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Even though Microsoft are trying to follow the ridiculous path that Apple has taken where everything must be monetised completely, I'm still confident they won't make such mistakes in the foreseeable future.But, of course, you have to buy hardware either way.The difference is really that you're free to choose whatever you want with Windows and that Microsoft's free upgrade program can be easier to isolate from said hardware.If they're ever going to do a subscription-based model for the OS, it won't be anything that affects the private consumer.

It will most likely be something that can replace their MSDN program altogether.

As much as I dislike MS, I don't think they're crazy enough to try to trap people in an OS that suddenly requires payment in the future.