Can carbon 14 dating be used on stone

04-Jan-2021 21:35

The margin of error can be as tight as 30-50 years, though 100 is not unheard of.

We also use stylistic differences to help us get approximate dates. When you get enough of a particular artifact from a particular context, you can get a good median age for that style. Dating organic materials from the layer/vicinity a stone artifact is found is the best way to get a good idea, however, it is far from exact.

Another good dating system is to recognise the caracteristic tools corresponding to a culture.

For example, we know the Solutrean culture existed around 20,000 BP, because we could date some strata on other countless sites.

I studied archaeology, and was specialised in prehistory, so that's largely my domain. Most of the time, stone tools can be dated within their context.

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We know pretty much all the characteristic tools for every prehistoric culture in Europe, and when and approximately where they existed.More appropriate methods would be U-Pb on zircon or K-Ar.