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17-Apr-2020 17:00

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Eventually, tectonic processes of high heat and pressure transform these sediments into limestone.This process locks massive amounts of carbon away for millions of years.These reservoirs, often known as deep carbon sinks, remove carbon from circulation through other parts of the carbon cycle for such long amounts of time that they are sometimes considered an extension of the carbon cycle called the "slow carbon cycle".For simplicity, the deep carbon sinks have been omitted from this interactive, however they are a very important part of the long-term cycle.Over time, these sediment layers such as the White Cliffs of Dover eventually return carbon to the oceans by weathering and erosion. · phytoplankton · food webs · microbes · zooplankton · shells 4.How are marine phytoplankton and forests similar in their role in the carbon cycle?The ocean naturally contains many dissolved chemicals which are especially important to the ocean carbon cycle and the shell-building organisms that live in the oceans.

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If you examined a sample of sediments from these cliffs, you would find shells of microscopic coccolithophores and foraminifera that lived, died and then sank to the sea floor millions of years ago. Choose two of the following and describe their role in the ocean's biological pump.

In biogeochemical cycles, elements are transported between the atmosphere, biosphere (living things), hydrosphere (water) and geosphere (rocks, minerals, and soils).

Thus, these cycles are excellent examples for teaching about Earth as a system.

When CO When shell-builders die and sink, the carbon in their shells is transported down to the deep ocean where the carbon can become part of deep ocean currents and seafloor sediments.

Many shells dissolve before reaching the seafloor sediments, a process that releases CO) sediments.The basic construction of these cycles allows middle school students to explore the connections between living and non-living parts of the Earth system.

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