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23-Jan-2021 00:45

Startlingly, nearly all of the usual arguments for alarm about the climate are instances of Aristotle’s dozen fallacies of relevance or of presumption, not the least of which is the consensus fallacy.

Just because we are told that many people say they believe a thing to be so, that is no evidence that many people say it, still less that they believe it, still less that it is so.

“That, Madame, is intellectual baby-talk,” I replied.Its conclusion will be unreliable at best, downright false at worst.One should not make the mistake of thinking that Aristotle’s fallacies are irrelevant archaisms.has anybody of importance taken into account that the craters on the moon are not indicative of imperfect trajectory for seemingly all of its marks????

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no trails, as if every single collision it has was heading at a perfect 90 degree angle?To prevent further costly scams rooted in artful nonsense, perhaps we should restore universal classical education.