Cfengine client not updating

04-Jul-2020 18:01

I've recently taken over administration of a decent size network (900 Free BSD or Linux hosts across 10 physical sites) where we get a lot of email destined for root, mostly from cfengine (v2). root# cf-agent --bootstrap r7n15 2013-10-28T 0100 notice: R: This autonomous node assumes the role of voluntary client 2013-10-28T 0100 notice: R: Failed to copy policy from policy server at 145.1:/var/cfengine/masterfiles Please check * cf-serverd is running on 145.1 * network connectivity to 145.1 on port 5308 * masterfiles 'body server control' - in particular allowconnects, trustkeysfrom and skipverify * masterfiles 'bundle server' - admit/deny It is often useful to restart cf-serverd in verbose mode (cf-serverd -v) on 145.1 to diagnose connection issues.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange My CFEngine 3 execution shows multiple double file permission changes like this: info: Object '/etc/prosody/lua' had permission 0600, changed it to 0644 info: Object '/etc/prosody/prosody.... I'm wondering what's the best, fastest, easiest way to temporarily stop, in an emergency, a single cfengine client from performing a certain promise, without needing to change anything on the cfengine ...You simply can tell cfengine that all the Linux machines running Fedora/Debian/Cent OS with XGB of RAM or more need to use a particular /etc/until a newer one is designated. Cfengine's configuration management capabilities can work in several different ways.In this article, I focus on a make-it-so-and-keep-it-so approach.I want to put body package_method and some variables in or in a different file and I should be able to call it from any new CF files I write. I'm trying to execute a scheduled task on a large-ish pool of virtual servers, but I want to minimize the resulting performance impact on the hypervisor, ideally executing it on one server at a time. I've installed CFEngine on my policy server and host, according to the documentation here: I run the ...I'm looking at using CFEngine on some linux servers.

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So we have also to delete the patch and make '''/etc/cfengine'' to '''sys.workdir/inputs'''. @tzz Your right it is a symlink ;-) from /etc/cfengine3 to sys.workdir/inputs. If the symlink is from sys.workdir/inputs to /etc/ecfengine3 we need pull request cfengine/core#1050 @tzz yes we have to wait for Antonio's answer and provide a mechanism for the transition from old to new situation.The primary reason for using both is to engage cfengine's logging system.