Child dating gay parent

07-Jun-2020 01:47

She seems to convey that homosexual desires are not part of human brokenness, and that to pursue homosexual practices does not have any bearing on a person’s relationship with Christ.No matter what they do, they remain Christ’s “little ones.” There is no indication that she sees anything wrong or unbiblical about homosexuality. However, it’s irresponsible and unfair to group all who say that homosexuality is immoral as bullies of Christ’s little ones.My eyes were opened, and I began to believe everything God says in his word.I began to believe that what he says about sin, death, and hell was completely true.I believe Rachel’s motivation is to create a more welcoming and loving environment in the church for those who identify themselves as homosexuals, or who struggle with homosexual desire.I admire and agree with her motive, and must say that I’ve learned from her in this area of being much more careful in how I speak and write about homosexuality. First, she doesn’t communicate any concern about the sinfulness of homosexual desires nor the immorality of homosexual actions.Rather I’d want him to see himself as creature made in God’s image, a man with many parts to his identity, a person with many gifts, a son with a diverse character and personality, one part of which, at least for the moment, is to have a homosexual desires.

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dating the presidents daughter

Like Rachel, I too have winced and cringed as preachers have condemned homosexuality as if it is an unforgiveable abomination that only weird and wicked people outside of church struggled with.

It would be a grave mistake to start trying to ask “why? ” It would be an even greater mistake at this early stage to launch into sermon mode or to starting quoting bible verses.

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