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Moon had wanted to remain an anonymous donor, but the organization was pressured by a media frenzy to identify her.Her donations were used to build children's libraries and subsidize hospital costs for children suffering from leukemia or cancer.Cjm, you should play a character like What'up Fox of the kind movie like this, gentel, ctue and natural, you are really a talent, im sorry about that, but in Love Alert is the bad editor, but you saved this drama, i alwways looking for a new project from you. I'm just feel really sorry for him about his apperance in Fluttering Warning, storyline was really bad but his acting is amazing. Really shock to see that he's turning 39 y.o this year (which mean he's count as 40 y.o in korea). I'm starting to watch all his past dramas and movies, and as of now i had watched Hansel and Gretel , The Master of Revenge..some of the reality shows that he was the guest... , i just discovered you in Heart to heart, n i'm liking ur acting skill so so much,it is very natural n likeable, you're becoming one of my favorites korean actors along with Hottie Ji sung, my alien Kim soo Hyun, the irresistible Lee min oh, the sassynfunny jang Hyuk the beastly Kim woo Bin and the last but not the least charismatic So ji sub...your nickname will be The cutienquirky Chun jung myung Love from a fan or shoud i write a pan from Canada, who is adoring the korean culture ! I had started watching Korean drama two years ago on my local local t.v. Little did I know that when I chose to watch a 16 episode drama called "Foxy Lady", I would never feel the same way. Im looking forward to watching your upcoming dramas.. FROM ME YOUR MALAYSIAN FANZ pls who ever is in charge of this delete the negative comment i know its individual opinion but i just even for a slightest chance if Cj reads it it ll hurt him its hard to live these actors life as it at least let us encourage them is my opinion. godbless always ^_^ The last time I watched korean drama was almost 10 years ago. I LUV ALL OF THA CHARACTER N CINDERELA SISTER, MAI FAV CHARACTER IZ OK TAEC YEON N MOON GEUN YOUNG. Natural, effortless, and deep diving in every character that he played. How I wish I can turn back the time when he is still young..still, he is still young-looking yet so manly, cute & handsome... say that you are one of the most outstanding actors of Korean dramas. First time to watch you in K-drama, Cinderella sisters was shown earlier this year but did not watch coz it was released by another channel. REALLY BEST if you r his nose bleeding's CHUN JUNG MYUNG....... In 2004, Moon headlined the romantic comedy film My Little Bride.It was the second most popular Korean film of the year, behind the blockbuster hit Taegukgi.can't wait to watch his drama with uri Yoon Eun Hye oh Chun Jung Myung oppa you're so cute. I've finished watching your movie Life Risking Romance. lafyu oppa ❤ Just watched Heart to Heart...your performance. I fear what you are about to do to that vile Jo Jae Hyun! I've liked a few korean actors, like the one in "A MOment to Remember" or "My LIttle Bride" but not as much as I like CJM! I don't care if some people doesn't like CJM' well you can't please everybody right' just keep up the good work... I really hated his character in both "Cinderella's Sister" and "Glory Jane." He tries too hard to act all righteous and caring but he seemed so fake to the point of disgust. wishing you all the best and more projects to come...

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Because of her charitable activities, particularly for the Community Chest of Korea, Moon was selected among 100 people that "lit up the world" in 2008 in a survey conducted by the Korea Green Foundation.

The program was facing closure in October 2006 when the landlord told Bae that the house would be sold.

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