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Within a few minutes, Rachel opened her eyes to look at Chandler.

She had a passionate, pleading look on her face."Please fuck me," she whimpered.

"What I meant was, you could practice on me.""What? And it's sure not like you would be cheating on HIM."He was still self-conscious. Rachel was wearing a blue bathrobe, which she took off and slung over the end of the bed. Just tell me what to do.""Ok," Monica said a little disappointed, obviously wanting to be organized in everything she did. but gently at first."Chandler leaned in and kissed Rachel's lips.

"I'm still not sure I'd remember all that.""Ok," Monica offered, "I'll go in there with you guys and help."Chandler looked unimpressed. I can disappoint two women at once.""Noooo..." Monica went on. I'll tell you what to do and guide you through everything. Under her robe, she wore a black satin bra and matching french cut satin panties. That perfect mouth responded and he felt Rachel's body sink into his. Rachel cleared her throat and brushed her hair from her face, obviously turned on."Well, Chandler Bing, you're a pretty good kisser." Then she looked to Monica, standing at his side and mouthed the words, "REALLY good!

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" Rachel smiled and nodded."Now, kiss her again, but this time, move slowly to her neck."Chandler did so, and Rachel smiled and purred, "Mmmm... "Now start caressing her breast." Chandler's hand slid from Rachel's back to her firm tit."Ok, drop her bra strap off her shoulder... and kiss your way across her shoulder and down to her breast. Now slowly pull down her other strap and cup and try those things on her other breast."Rachel liked what he did. those are all good, Chandler."Monica was getting a bit aroused at what she was seeing.Chandler moved to enter her, and Monica jumped up to stop him."No, turn her over and do her from behind."From the look in her eyes, Chandler couldn't tell if that was for Rachel's or Monica's benefit, but it didn't matter.

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