Datagridview cellvalidating not working

01-Feb-2021 22:52

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I know how we can do this, however, I just need to know how you bind your datagrid...

If you let me know, I'll write you a handler so that we can examine the value in your validating event, and if the date is not proper, we can examine the underlying datasource, and view the .

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Incidently, thanks for the points, although I'd like to work with you a bit further on this...I know it works in VB 1.1, so it should work fine in 2.0, as I didn't get any "underlines" in my code :) Please let me know, Jake ource, dgv Top.Thanks again, I just can't believe that this is so very difficult, seems like it should be a common, simple situation that many developers run across.In reality the the cell validated when it was suppose to, AND when Rows. In other words it was called twice, and the 2nd time it was called when the grid was in an undetermined state where Rows. Annoying, and I can't think of any good reason for validation events to be called in the middle of Clear, especially when things are half cleaned up.

Hello I want to validate data entered in various cells in a datagridview but I just can't get the cellvalidating event to fire.

This of course is a problem because the cell in question no longer exists.