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08-May-2020 02:16

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There are several other WS medallions though (see pic below of medallions copied from the internet).

My understanding is that some British sawmakers used the WS medallion on their saws, and some of these made their way to North America.

There is much more one could say about this coat of arms and its history, but what I particularly wanted you to notice is that the Lion on the left and the Unicorn on the right, together with the motto: DIEU ET MON DROIT are found on typical English Warranted Superior medallions.

There is also always some form of shield with a crown on the top.

To save her from further embarrassment, the king picked it up and tied it to his own leg exclaiming “” So now you know why it’s called the Order of the Garter, but I digress.It was later adopted as the Royal motto of England by Henry VI.2) The other inscription which is partially obscured on a garter around the shield reads: HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE – This is the motto of the Most Noble Order of the Garter which dates back to Edward III and is the highest pinnacle of achievement in the English honours system.The elements even appear on the ‘Tails’ side of some £1 coins.

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I hope by now I’ve convinced you that the five elements outlined above together with the words Warranted Superior are historically and fundamentally tied to the United Kingdom.They also appear on buildings old and new across the United Kingdom in the Royal Coat of Arms, which is similar to the UK coat of arms, but with an additional lion on top of the crown.