Dating cool guy

02-Feb-2021 06:03

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He may say he is going to be at another function and invite her along, but he certainly wouldn’t tell her to ‘make it up to him’, and try hard at all. He would give her grace and the benefit of not giving her a hard time for her actions.

He wouldn’t be reactive, but rather keep moving forward with his own actions, and perhaps even extend her an offer to join. James would be a rock and acknowledge that his lover is acting up and wouldn’t get nasty with her, nor would he be over accommodating.

Instead, hes the guy that will bring you flowers on your first date and tell you how beautiful you look.

If youre looking for a fantastic boyfriend, the nerdy guy is your best bet.

All of these scenarios above you can find endless blog posts and dating guru talk ad nausea about on the interwebs, but the fact of the matter is, you know what to do – because it is what James would do. D, you may just discover yourself slowing down, smiling, taking another sip of that dur whiskey…because cool guys aren’t reactive. Just try to envision what James would do and you will know how tally forth young man.

When you find yourself in the social jungle and start to think W.

You are at a social function where you meet a pretty girl who you manage to approach without seeming creepy.

You both seem to get on well and she happens to share you enthusiasm for pet llamas – awesome.

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Cool guys dont mean to hurt you, but its part of their nature not that we’re making excuses for them. Nerd The nerdy guy isnt the one that all girls swoon over. He wont be going to strip clubs with his friends or clubbing until 7 AM. And what you expect from a guy and from a happy relationship would be very different from what your friend expects.

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