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• How to transform marital conflicts into a loving, lifelong partnership • Offers time-tested and scriptural principles for a satisfactory and Christ-centered family.Marriages are failing […] Tags: Alarming Rate, Barna Group, Christ Centered Family, Compatibility, Dating, Dating Guide, Family, Family Marriages, Guide, Insight, Marital Conflicts, Marriage, Marriage And Family, Partnership, Party, Product Description, Scriptural Principles, Temperament Types Product Description Author’s biography and life experience account of personal relationships in correlation to God’s Word.But armed with a gift certificate to the New You Center for Dating, Jimi Plain is headed for action, thanks to her determined grandmother and two teenage […] ISBN13: 9780802480873 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Product Description Dr. Conway Edwards, the singles pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Church in Texas, along with his wife, Jada, write from the heart […] Tags: Biblical Perspective, Christian Singles, Confidence, Conway, Courtship, Dating, Dating And Relationships, Dating Relationships, Edwards, Finding, Focus, Heart, Love, Love's, Marriage, Million Books, Oak Cliff Bible, Oak Cliff Bible Church, One Million, Personal Story, Positive Feedback, Product Description, Ready For Marriage, Relationships, Satisfaction, View Product Description In 2005, Hayley and Michael Di Marco helped take the desperate out of dating with Marriable.

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After her marriage takes an unexpected turn, Jacey realizes that she must begin dating again but is not sure how to start.

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