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It is noteworthy that women more frequently make this objection that the right man has not yet pursued them.Women do have a unique responsibility to respond to, nurture, and affirm male initiation in this area, and the last thing I'd want to do is make a women feel guilty for being committed to doing so.The Chediak's [have the] warmth, wisdom and good humor of those who know the road and some of its potholes!' -- Ben Patterson, College Pastor, Westmont College, Santa Barbara Having laid a foundation for understanding the nature of the marriage partnership, he provides practical, biblical wisdom on making a wise choice of partner....

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Our eighteen year-old daughter just read it and restrained herself from underlining nearly the whole thing!

Their approach is "counter-cultural" in the original sense of the term.

For example, they address the very real problem of staying on the "search" too long and letting suitable candidates for marriage slip away.

This happens with some frequency where women have been duped by the media into thinking that marriage must be a state of perpetual bliss and that, if it is not, something must be wrong with their partner. 46-47)With One Voice is filled with such practical wisdom.

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The Chediaks willingness to address the real struggles that singles face (e.g., "How far can a couple go sexually before marriage? This is the type of book that I wish I had found -and my wife had read-before I traveled down the path to lifelong commitment." -- Joe Carter, The Evangelical Outpost "Joe, I read perhaps a dozen Christian books on dating and marriage in my teens.

Unlike many similar works written by Christians, the Chediaks do not advocate going back to the "good ol' days." Much of what passes today for "Biblical patterns of courtship" is, after all, simply the cultural norms of 19th century America.

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