Dating in adolescence

05-May-2020 00:41

Intensified interest in sex accompanies sexual maturation.

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The young people start rethinking their values: sometimes the new thoughts are shocking to parents, because they remind the parents of their own confusion.

However, such early sexual relationships may lead to certain potential problems of teenage pregnancy and parenthood, getting affected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or HIV which may later lead to AIDS.

Relationships with grandparents can have positive effects on adolescents.

Also a degree of their self-worth is a reflection of what others think of them.

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The teenage subculture has a number of common elements, some of which may include the following: Dating relationships range from informal casual dating to more involved steady dating.

They may become a part of an adolescent subculture, which is distinguished by having its own customs that differ in some ways from those of the larger cultural group of which it is a part.