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Not every kind of email marketing customer service works the same way or delivers the same results.

The first level of customer service is the call center.

Customer success teams are different in that they have people with knowledge that lets them own on solve problems themselves without having to send them to other people or departments.

Even the best marketing tools can cause problems that you won’t be able to solve by yourself and that’s where email marketing customer service comes in.

It takes a lot more time to communicate that way than by phone, so in case of trouble, all of your work and results are put on hold while whoever you’re depending on gets back to you.

Guides can be useful and teach you many important things, but it’s not enough when it comes to unexpected problems.

Let’s see how to pick the best one based on your needs, trends and one factor that affects every aspect of your work - email marketing customer service.

There is, however, one essential factor that affects the effecticeness of all your email marketing efforts - email marketing customer service.

Personalized mailings can also generate 10% better conversion rates, which is pure profit for you.

In the coming years, companies that don’t use personalisation will have trouble optimising their newsletters and revenue, so keep in mind that your email marketing tool has to supply you with the tools you need to personalise your messages.

Meanwhile, 95% of companies using marketing automation also saw profits from email marketing. Triggered transactional email (51% more than 3 years, 20% 1 – 3 years) 2.

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According to Forrester Reasearch (Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors 2016) email automation is one of the most desired tools for email marketers. Triggers (40% more than 3 years, 42% 1 – 3 years) This trend will develop further in the next few years so make sure you choose email marketing software that provides automation functions.

Actually, it could become even more important and profitable because of the following trends and data: Thanks to automation technologies, digital marketing actions based on the behaviour of visitors to a website gets easier and more profitable, which in turn makes it more and more popular.