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Ohana agrees to upend her closest friend’s life just to prove some point to her mother, but luckily, the girl at the bookstore steps in. Not only did she directly confess her feelings to Ko, she also tells Ohana to stop screwing around with the poor guy’s feelings.

Ohana just stammers in response; she doesn’t want to give up Ko, but she won’t say she likes him either.

First off, just wanted to say you guys are Awesome. It's a company you've probably have never heard of .

I'm an ENTP male 23 (currently having existential crisis, don't worry it's an ENTP thing) anyways... I work for a small company doing over the phone tech support.

You guys are fun to talk with and I would like to know where to find my local INFJ! Probably one of the best ways is to find an ENFP and then to rifle through all their introverted friends.

Otherwise you'll have to hope you get lucky at some casual party. The INFJs I know (myself and one other friend, so you know, a sweeping generalization) are pretty much home bodies.

Tohru got the hint, however, that Ohana might have another attachment in Tokyo, so he tells Ohana that he’ll only agree to help if they kidnap Ko as well.

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