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At this time some of these tombs were emptied of their contents by the owners, while others were filled up, the remains being taken either to the new tombs built on the westerly side of the ground or to other cemeteries, or were covered up, where it was supposed they would lie undisturbed until they were completely decomposed and mingled with the surrounding soil.There is some reason to think that, when the burying ground in question was first used as such, a few of the interments were made outside of the present limits of the Common, and presumably where the street now runs.Tremont Street, the city’s main thoroughfare, was regularly subject to gridlock from a convergence of foot traffic, horse-drawn conveyances, trolley lines, and electric streetcars.To rectify the problem, the Boston Transit Commission, with Howard A.The members of the Boston Transit Commission were: George Glover Crocker, Chairman Howard A. Green submitted the following report on December 20, 1894: “This parcel of land was bought by the town in the year 1756 for a place of interment, and since then it has continued to be used for that object.The first burials were made in graves, and, so far as now can be ascertained, the earliest tombs were built about 1793.After Sprague successfully installed his motor in trolleys in Richmond, Virginia, in 1888, it prompted Henry Whitney, the owner of the West End Railway in Boston, Mass, to upgrade his trolleys to run on electricity the following year.

In regard to your question concerning risk from infection or contagion as a result of the last illness of the decedents, I would say that there would be no danger whatever to the workmen.

City officials felt the best solution to this traffic problem was to build an underground subway and promptly began to lay the groundwork for a new transit system. One of the projects they recommended was a small-scale subway located at the most congested areas: between Tremont street, Boylston street and Scollay Square.

Since building a subway underneath the city streets involved a lot of red tape, in 1891, the City Council authorized the formation of a Rapid Transit Committee and the state legislature passed an act allowing for the formation of a committee to promote rapid transit in the city. The plan for the subway was to link the underground subway tracks with the existing street tracks of the West End Street Railway in South and West Boston and with the street tracks of the Lynn and Boston Railway in North Boston. Swain The commission was authorized to build a number of subway lines, according to the Special Publications periodical: “The Commission was authorize but not required to construct: (1) a subway or subways of sufficient size for four railway tracks through and under Tremont street and the adjoining mall of Boston Common from a point near the junction of Tremont street and Shawmut Avenue to Scollay Square and thence to Causeway street; (2) a subway of sufficient width for two tracks only from Tremont street and through and under Boylston street and the adjoining mall of Boston Common to a point on Boylston street where a suitable connection with the surface tracks could be made, and from Boylston street through and under Park Square and Columbus avenue, to a point on Columbus avenue where a suitable connection with surface tracks could be made: (3) a subway from Tremont street through and under Park street, Temple street, and Staniford street to Merrimack square; and (4) a tunnel from a point on or near Scollay square to a point on or near Maverick square in East Boston.

The Rapid Transit Commission consisted of eight members: Nathan Matthews, Jr, Mayor and Chairman William Jackson, City Engineer John Quincy Adams Chester W. This would allow the subway to run on the surface streets in the less congested areas of the city and underground in the more congested areas to reduce street traffic above. The first act called for the formation of a Metropolitan Transit Commission but was promptly rejected by voters at the state election. They were also required to construct a bridge to Charlestown.

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The second act allowed for the formation of a Board of Subway Commissioners that was authorized to lay out and construct a subway from Tremont Street to Pleasant Street. The act further authorized an issue of bonds to the amount of ,000,000 for the construction of subways and a sufficient sum, in addition to 0,000 already appropriated by the City Council, to complete the Charlestown Bridge.” The act was approved on July 2, 1894 and accepted by the voters of Boston in a special election held on July 24, 1894.

Vanyaland's Daniel Brockman found irony in the refrain, "I understand about indecision, and I don’t care if I get behind/People living in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind,” noting that this was a hit single premised on lyrics stating that one shouldn't take their career too seriously.

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