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Hearing my daughter giggle at a joke Phoebe was making on our favorite show, I inwardly shrugged.

Maybe I am just not ready for this—not ready for a relationship.

| blog, Featured, Relationships, Wellness | 0 Comments By Carmelene Melanie Siani Dear Facebook Friend, You and I never met.

Well, not really—not “in person”—but we did meet on Facebook.

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On one particularly stressful late afternoon, I was grocery shopping with a haphazardly written list in hand when I glanced down at my phone to see a text from him. On top of that, my daughter had dance class on Friday evenings which would mean I would need to make arrangements for someone else to take her (either my parents or my ex) and all of this seemed like a lot to consider in the middle of the cereal aisle while trying to choose between , I thought, but really needed to buy a little time to think.

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The coffee meet up I had turned into a real first date that included dinner on a picnic table and a walk on the beach, which turned into a second date and then a third. I knew the way it can march in with large clomping feet and leave a wake of confusion and pain in its path.

You eventually grow up, get your own place and finally get a little privacy—at least until kids come along (if they do).