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What was found inside the flats was beyond any sci-fi movie.

One apartment on the 35th floor they had to break the door down, and inside they found a virtual jungle, with massive tomato plants growing even in the sinks.

The oldest art objects in the world were discovered in a South African cave.

Vodacom pays R500,000 a month to put its sign on the roof, and movie producers pay R100,000 a day to shoot in the core.

To go on one of Dlala Nje’s tours of Ponte City and Hillbrow contact them here.

Well, many of those things are (or were) true, even the “District 9” reference, because they filmed part of it (plus “Chappie” and the latest installment of “Resident Evil”, among other movies) in its core – but more of that later.

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With unhindered and unbelievable views onto Hillbrow and then out past the Hillbrow Tower as far as Sandton and Northcliff, our guide James gives us a rundown of the building’s very colourful history.

The garbage in the core rose up 14 storeys high, and had to be cleaned out by hand.