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17-Nov-2020 17:08

Being a tall girl isn't all that bad especially if you like playing basketball, right?If you like sports you can expect to be chased down by recruiters.It is common for men to consider very tall women "alpha females".This is an attitude they might have had since high school, especially in case most of the men they came into contact with were shorter than them.

Since tall women don't feel weak or vulnerable, they feel like they can fight the world, which gives them power and confidence.Tall women seem to be built to have an athletic feature even if they don't do anything special. A lot of women have a preference for tall men, but they are usually taken by tall women. We have to admit, being tall has numerous advantages besides the disadvantages.The good news is that you get automatic dibs on the tallest men at the party and nobody will ever try to take them from you - tall women seem to be a bit intimidating too. Some people think that short women are less confident by their nature because they feel vulnerable and unsafe as a result of their size.There are a lot of things that tall women have to struggle with, such as finding pants of dresses long enough.

Nonetheless, they also have some perks, since there are numerous men who like big women.

You should never doubt yourself or your physical beauty.

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