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02-Oct-2020 11:00

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This command validates the database and makes updates to it when any orphan pages are found.

An orphan page is one which was allocated for use by a transaction that subsequently failed, for example, when the application aborted.

It may also be required to use the Safe Mode boot option or a Diagnostic boot option to eliminate conflicting background processes that are interfering with DMS.

For more information with this please contact a Local IT Professional.

Verify database user settings Begin by verifying that you have the correct database password and user.

There is no point taking backups every night, for example, if they cannot be used when required.

These errors can occur if your anti-virus program is not configured to exclude the DMS program and database folder.

Contact your anti-virus vendor for instructions on how to configure real-time scanning to exclude the following locations: This issue can also occur when a background process is conflicting with the operations that DMS is attempting to perform.

There are many other types of CMS that are not covered here.

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A list of configuration files for other CMS is provided at the bottom of the article.

This option updates the database and fixes any corrupted structures.