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19-Oct-2020 00:20

Some of the wishlist items have already been seen light: New features: Nearly a week ago I published the first integration of the Aegis sovereignty changes into DOTLAN Eve Maps.

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If you have concerns running the Firmware Update tool after re-start, please click here for further help.

Set your destination and add additional waypoints as you like.

I’ve created a few screenshots […] " data-url=" class="dot Social Share dot Social Share Button" It’s now around 36 hours ago that the XML & CREST API have been turned of and send to the virtual graveyard. But don’t look back the most important thing: DOTLAN Eve Maps has successfully been migrated to the new ESI backend and is now running smooth for around 2 days.

When friends or colleagues ask me what Eve Maps is all about I mostly describe it as “The Google Maps for Eve Online enriched with live data directly from the game” and I don’t think that this description isn’t to far from the reality or what do you think? To the german players: The pilots of the New Eden Podcast have recorded a interview with me. Without going to much into the historical details or timeline: I can proudly announce that DOTLAN Eve Maps has reached a major milestone and is providing a well known and respected service to all players of New Eden for 10 years now!

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So, what’s your favorite story about DOTLAN Eve Maps? I can honestly say that the Eve Online community is one of the best […] " data-url=" class="dot Social Share dot Social Share Button" After the ESI migration has been achieved and a few bugs have been stepped on, I started playing around with the authenticated ESI calls and what should I say: the first functionality of the old ingame browser has been restored.

But rather then going black completely, I opted to just hide the sovereignty, kills/jumps and system related historical changes from the main page.

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