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Some consider Caspar to be King Gondophares (AD 21 – c. Others consider him to have come from the southern parts of India where, according to tradition, Thomas the Apostle visited decades later.

The town by name Piravom in Kerala State, Southern India has for long claimed that one of the three Biblical Magi went from there.

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The Magi are now not considered by some to have been kings.

The reference to "kings" is believed to have originated due to the reference in Psalms "The kings of Tharsis and the islands shall offer presents; the kings of the Arabians and of Saba shall bring him gifts: and all the kings of the earth shall adore him" Psalm .

On it can be seen Egrisilla Bragmanni ("Egrisilla of the Brahmans"), and in the explanatory treatise which accompanied the globe, Schöner noted: “The region of Egrisilla, in which there are Brahman [i.e.

Indian] Christians; there Gaspar the Magus held dominion”.

Out of a to Brutal Force p,4,1: She has a nice Art Major yearling filly we are retaining.The form "Gizbar" appears in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament Book of Ezra (1:8). the Septuagint gave a Greek translation of "Gizbar" in Ezra 1:8 as "Gasbarinou" (literally: son of "Gasbar").In fact, the modern Hebrew word for "treasurer" is still "Gizbar". The transition from "Gizbar" to "Caspar" and "Kaspar" can thus be summarized as: Gizbar Who the magi were is not specified in the Bible; there are only traditions.The relics of the Magi were found in Persia by St Helena, but were later brought to Constantinople and then to Milan in Italy.

From there they reached Germany, where they are now housed in the Cologne Cathedral.

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