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23-Sep-2020 10:04

(Full statement coming soon.) • On Tuesday 9 Wednesday the human rights record of the UK was examined in Geneva during the 66th CAT session, including a question on IGM and a weak answer by the Delegation.

Later in May 2019 CAT published its Concluding observations (CAT/C/GBR/CO/6, paras 64-65) with binding recommendations for the UK – including yet another strong reprimand for IGM practices for the United Kindgdom: 64.

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• Switzerland will then have to answer these questions in its Replies to the LOI.18-27), no legal protections for children at risk (p.10), no access to redress and justice for survivors (p.Realtime chat is very useful for getting instant feedback from suitable matches and you can even have multiple chats at the same time and meet a lot of people quickly.

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