Highly sensitive soul dating

04-Apr-2020 02:45

Highly sensitive people (HSP’s) and empaths are deeply intuitive souls, which causes them to be ultra sensitive to other people’s energy levels and it also means that they are highly tuned to their surrounding environment.Introverts can also suffer from the same harmful effects from these outside energies.It is also effective in helping us to work out what is our own, and what is someone else’s emotional baggage, allowing ourselves to remove anything that is unwanted and unneeded.As we focus on being present in the moment and grounded within our own body, it will become almost impossible for the mind to migrate to other people’s emotional spaces, where we are putting ourselves at risk of absorbing negative energy.When we feel things at such a high level it is often because we are not fully present and grounded in our own physical body.Sometimes emotions can be uncomfortable to deal with, so we constantly shift in and out of our personal space causing something known as “outer body experience.” As we practice being fully present and grounded to the earth, we will notice that we deal with things with a far calmer and more rational mind, allowing us to gain a greater understanding of whatever it is that is bothering us, rather than jumping around to avoid or put it off for another day.The more regularly we use the method, the stronger this layer will become.

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Whenever a situation feels like it’s too much, or even better, it gets to be too much, stop everything, stay still for a moment and focus on nothing but gentle breathing.Often, a small amount of time alone to just rebalance can be all that is required, however, if the situation becomes too intense to bear, excuse the departure and leave immediately.