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When she made contact I could feel her wet tongue slide across my blazing cock head and my knees felt like they were going to buckle. It felt so good, and I was soon thrusting my hips towards her for more.

She laughed while my dick was still in her mouth and began taking more of my dick into her moist mouth.

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She started my shrugging off her loose button up top.

She was wearing a sexy, dark colored bra, that didn't hide much to the imagination. I gazed down to her cleanly shaven pussy and I was mesmerized.

I just sat there staring at my beautiful mother as my rather large member began to stir inside my shorts. We are going to have so much fun tonight." said my dumfounded mother. I awkwardly smiled as my mom began to stroke my raging hard-on. Her small hand was even smaller compared to my cock.

She made long strokes, from the base to the beginning of the head, using a light squeeze all the way up.

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My parents were what you would call hippies, they were open about their private life and didn't care what the world thought.

I wanted to know what was going on in there, I had even stood outside of their door listening for every little sound that came through the door.

This brings me to now, the day of my eighteenth birthday.

She had shoulder length black hair that shaped around her warm, charming face. " Uh, yeah, it sounds great, but Dad, I'm not into guys..." I quietly said " Oh, ha, don't worry son, I'm not either, there would be no gay incest." responded Dave.

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