Hospital accomidating bariatric

13-Feb-2021 03:23

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Once they've got the whole hotel kashered, it could be a great idea. I was not expecting much and they pleasantly surprised me.

(Of course, this would probably have to be booked in advance, but maybe they would think about it for next year! Mu husband wound up in hospital and they were very accomidating.

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I even met someone I have not seen in in about 35 years who I used to babysit her children.

I just went on the site & see they had a big problem with the hotel where they were supposed to have the pesach program but luckily another option worked out for them last minute.

I am curious to know how much it costs per person there versus at other pesach programs.

It really put me in a better mood to hear people write that I won't be looked down on for wearing a tichel, that it will be a mixed crowd- we wouldn't feel comfortable in a very MO OR a very yesheivish place so mixed is ideal for us, that it's professionally run etc....

I felt like I could breath so I just wanted to say a very big thank you for taking the time to post!!!!!

Previous poster who's there - can you ask them if they would think of doing a "Post-Pesach-Program"?