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Back in March, the retired superstar wished her husband happy birthday. If there is no appearance by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 35, it will be the first time since 2000 that the legend and future Hall of Famer wasn't featured.He is rumored to appear at the next major WWE event in Saudi Arabia, so he has not officially retired just yet.Pro Wrestling Illustrated • Woman of the Year (2010) • Ranked No.Being married to a wrestler can’t be easy, given how much you have to travel and watch your partner being repeatedly punched in the face on a daily basis.After losing a match Loser leaves WWE, Michelle Mc Cool is a retired Diva but an former Diva, she married to the legendary wrestler The Undertaker in 2010 after she meets him in late 2007 and together, they had their daughter Kaia Faith born on August 2012.In 2014, she and her husband The Undertaker participate to the marathon for the good cause and they accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for the good of the wrestlers and people including Kermit the Frog from The Muppets franchise, even Edge, Christian and Batista.Mc Cool has appeared on rare occasions since retiring in 2011, most notably at the 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble and at WWE Evolution in the same year.Michelle Leigh Mc Cool (née Calaway) is a retired Diva wrestler (born in January 25th 1980) in WWE. Michelle Mc Cool is very protective towards the Divas and WWE Superstars, she sometimes loses her temper by yelling in frustration, she confronted Beth Phoenix who vows to get the Woman Championship back and she slapped her in the face, she sometimes confront Maryse for no reason in a feud with her friends.

The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are perhaps one of WWE's most mismatched couples.

Michelle is just 36-years-old while The Undertaker celebrated his 51st Birthday earlier this year.

Even though that is a change in generations, these two don't seem that bothered by the striking difference in age.

Either way, this couple is a deeply private one and the facts about them together are definitely few and far between, but here are 15 of the best-known facts about The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool as a couple.

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There was a big fuss made about the fact that there is a fourteen year age gap between Paige and Alberto Del Rio and the fact that the relationship would never work out because of this.

She is similiar to Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars franchise, both of them are originally protagonists who later fallen, both of them are parents of the the main protagonists and they married to the protagonists like Anakin is married to Padme.