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16-Jul-2020 14:28

Historical importance aside, this story of two sisters dreaming of making it big on the Great White Way can be summed up in one word: dated.

These 12 historical predictions completely missed the mark!

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Despite its relative obscurity, one of the film’s main themes—the jailing of French Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus—has been viewed by many critics as Hollywood’s first attempt to address anti-Semitism and the Nazi Party.(Here are the top 10 things to do once you’re there!) What Should Have Won Best Picture: is important for three things: it was the first sound film to win Best Picture, it was the first all-talking musical Hollywood had produced, and it once featured a Technicolor sequence, sparking an industry-wide interest in colour.Unfortunately, gloss and glitter don’t equate Best Picture.

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What Should Have Won Best Picture: Like Bob Fosse before him, Rob Marshall’s name is synonymous with larger-than-life narratives and exciting choreography.

What Should Have Won Best Picture: is so famous a novel, even those who haven’t read are familiar with the tale of a plucky orphan who falls in league with a ragtag bunch of London pickpockets.

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