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24-May-2020 14:26

Fabulous, not only would I be naked in front of a large group of women, I would also be positioned directly in front of the door, greeting everyone who entered the room in all my shining glory. If anything this would make for a great blog post, right guys?

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That was definitely an evening I’ll not soon forget, and a pretty good introduction to Turkey.5 minutes in, Ayla stopped, smacked me on the stomach with her loofah, “too tense, relax! A minute later she stopped and pointed out my tattoos muttering to herself in Turkish. Flickr Creative Commons Source Having me roll over and lay in quite possibly 100 angles to exfoliate every inch of me (oh my god why did I eat all that bread with dinner?! ) was almost too much to bear but I’m not going to lie, the scrubbing did feel nice.By the time she finished, I looked down and I was covered with a layer of gray dead skin. Sitting me on the edge of the platform, she dumped bucket after bucket of hot water over my head to wash it off.Finally the endless walk does end, and I end up sitting alongside a spigot very near the two youthful French girls, who are so wasp-waisted I have no doubt they can easily garb themselves in their towelettes if they desire.

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