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28-Nov-2020 23:41

This sad realization is mostly due to our society’s mistaken pre-conceived notions Since childhood, I’ve always been overweight and have been subjected to judgments and opinions by others. This is especially I’m a curvy, plus-size woman whose had her share of dating and trying to find that special, perfect relationship.

Both of my parents worked and so our dinners were usually provided for by the drive-thru’s of fast food restaurants. What I’ve tried and learned over the years, I thought, might be helpful to other large women who may feel frustrated and disillusioned during their search, too.

The selections we’re pretty much left with are like throwing on a Moo-Moo!

I can’t speak for other women, but I want to feel “pretty” in my clothes. Since I do take into account all of the “taboos”, I want my “layered” clothing to flow and feel comfortable when worn.

Even then, full-figured shoppers could be very busty, pear-shaped or even muscular.

One fit model cannot possibly cover every body shape in that size range.”Since there are some manufacturers that take all of these factors into account, they are able to produce clothes for the larger woman that add color and style to any shape or size.

I’ve been overweight my Today’s society causes overweight, obese, or fat people to suffer discrimination, prejudice, and humiliation in several areas throughout our nation.

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There are plenty of plus-sized fashionable labels developed specifically for larger customers who have to rely on word of mouth, but I found many stylish labels at Full Figured Fashion Week catering to all price ranges and demographics.

Personally, I don’t think clothing manufacturers understand the needs of plus-sized women.

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