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The prior design referred to in this Law means any design known to the public in this country or abroad before the date of filing. What kind of documents do I need to provide with my application? For applying for a patent for design, a request, drawings or photographs of the design as well as a brief explanation of the design, etc. If the parties are not willing to consult or if consultation fails, the patentee or interested party may take legal action before a people's court, and may also request the administration department for patent-related work to handle the dispute.The main feature of traditional Chinese architecture has been its stability; styles did not change much over the centuries.

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As the use of window glass was pretty much unknown in China, windows were covered in waxed paper or thin silk in winter and left uncovered in summer.

Any design for which patent right may be granted shall be obviously differentiable from the prior design or a combination of features of the prior design. Any applicant who claims the right of priority shall make a written declaration when the application is filed, and submit, within three months, a copy of the patent application document which is first filed. Will the novelty of the design application be checked “ex officio” (vs/ prior art) during the registration procedure? When electronic filing is used, the format of the views should be JPG or TIF. After the grant of the patent right for a design, no entity or individual may, without the authorization of the patentee, exploit the patent, that is, make, offer to sell, sell or import the product incorporating its or his patented design, for production or business purposes.

Any design for which patent right may be granted must not be in conflict with any legitimate right gained prior to the date of filing by any other person. Any document submitted under the Chinese Patent Law and its Implementing Regulations must be in Chinese. If a dispute arises as a result of exploitation of a design patent without permission of the patentee, that is, the patent right of the patentee is infringed, the dispute shall be settled through consultation between the parties.

Design drawings or photographs shall display both the design of GUI or animated images and the design of products. Any Chinese people or enterprises, and those foreign people who have fixed residences or business sites, or foreign enterprises or organizations located in China, enjoy same the privilege of Chinese people in the respect of patent right protection, i.e.

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The GUI or animated image to be protected shall not be game images, or irrelevant to human-computer interaction or enforcing function of products, such as electronic wallpaper, images displayed in Power ON-OFF process and graph-text layout on website pages. they have the rights either to apply for patents as same as Chinese people do, or to enjoy protection from the Chinese Patent Law. In which kind of agreements and conventions related to designs is China part of? Beginning from the date the patent administration department under the State Council announces the grant of a patent right, if a entity or individual believes that such grant does not conform to the relevant provisions of this Law, it or he may request that the patent reexamination board to declare the said patent right invalid.Aug With tension all around us in the world it is comforting that Chinese people are still able to see the funny side.

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