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A trust is considered by tax law to be a modified conduit, because usually only some of the income and deductions pass through to the beneficiaries.

The trust itself often retains some income, especially capital gains, which is usually allocated to the trust corpus.

Property transfers to an irrevocable trust may be subject to gift tax, but for revocable trusts, gift tax liability will not be incurred until the property is transferred to a beneficiary or when the trust becomes irrevocable. If the trust has taxable income or gross income of 0 or more, or if any of the beneficiaries are non-resident aliens, then it must file Form 1041, U. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts and may also have to make estimated tax payments.

A simple trust is one that is required to distribute all its income and no amount is paid or set aside for charitable contributions. Capital gains, under most state laws and trust documents, are allocated to corpus.

Charitable deductions are claimed on Form 1041-A, U. Information Return for Trust Accumulation of Charitable Amounts. Direct expenses for tax-free income are not deductible, since no taxes are paid on such income.

Indirect expenses, which are the expenses of administering the trust, are generally deductible, but if the trust has tax-free income, then a proportion, = tax-free income ÷ trust accounting income, of indirect expenses is not deductible.

If the trust accounting income consists of both tax-free and taxable income, then the tax-free and taxable portions of the income that is distributed must be allocated to each beneficiary.

The trust can deduct the taxable portion of the distributions but not the tax-free portion nor any expenses that must be allocated to the tax-free portion of income.

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Since the tax-exempt interest is distributed, the expenses allocable to the interest are also subtracted.However, taxable income includes all income earned by the trust, including capital gains, minus tax-free income.