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• Sebastian pulls faces at the US President's aide. • Lou takes Andy to meet his new Polish girlfriend Annia.

• Linda is helps Joanna Harding get an extension on her essay. • Marjorie is disgusted that Paul and Pat have started going out together.

• Vicky Pollard's in the park, hitting on Bethany's boyfriend • Dennis Waterman is given a role as Captain Birdseye. • Meera has won the lottery and Marjorie is being surprisingly nice to her... • PCs Bryce and Rawlingson still have some sad news to depart.

• Linda once again insults a student - this time it's a dwarf. • Maggie samples a volevont made from a recipe by Ainsley Harriot. Read More • Vicky's determined to get herself thrown off a bus. • Viv tries to give an accurate description of some robbers. • A visit from the PM's former aide sends Sebastian into a jealous frenzy. • Daffyd is shocked to discover his brother is gay.

Decades cannot easily be characterized without running the risk of oversimplification.

The 1920's weren't really "roaring," except for a relatively small number of people, and the 1950's were not as dull and conformist as legend has it.

• Back at the Hypnotist show Kenny's finished his book. • As Harvey and Jane get married, the part with the vows takes an unusual turn. • At No.10 The PM is celebrating another election victory.

• Lou takes Andy to the popular coastal town of Sphincter-on-sea.

Mais tu sais, si vraiment tu t’aimes toi même, tu n’as pas besoin de porter de masques, pour parvenir à décrocher un compagnon à tout prix.La véritable bonne raison pour être à deux, c’est de t’aimer toi-même et de vouloir partager ce bien être avec une personne, parce qu’elle est ELLE, parce qu’elle te convient, sans aucune dépendance de part et d’autre.

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