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The Salih regime is facing an increasingly vocal southern movement against alleged northern hegemony, and a Zaydi Shiite rebellion in the northern region of Sa'ada.

After four years of fighting, the president declared the end of that conflict in 2008, but the security situation in Sa'ada remains unstable.

The violence broke out earlier this week between secessionist fighters and forces loyal to the Yemeni president, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who is based in Saudi Arabia.

On Saturday, the secessionists seized Aden’s military bases and the presidential palace after allowing the soldiers posted there to surrender, said Nizar Haytham, a spokesman for the secessionists, known as the Southern Transitional Council.

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The takeover followed four days of intense fighting that terrified residents, killed dozens of people and split one of the main coalitions fighting Yemen’s civil war.

“Is there any thread of shame left for the deluded ones and the dreamers?