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District 5 has seen eight years of Scott Davis, who was accused by many in the district of being overly cozy with developers while being largely incommunicado with his constituents.Candidates Flowers and Parker, particularly, are aiming for a different path.To get her attention, Carl must have a fat level over 50% and a high sex appeal, although this can be skipped if the player has very high (about 90%) sex appeal or has collected all oysters.Once Michelle becomes Carl's girlfriend, she can be found at her garage in Downtown San Fierro, usually from to .If you get out of the car while Michelle is driving, she will drive off and the game will tell you that she stole your car, and the date ends as a failure.She will disappear soon after though, so the car, now without a driver, will just stop or crash into whatever is in front of it.According to Michelle, she has had a long-time passion for cars.She claims she began racing bikes at the age of twelve, and that her first car was a Perennial.

Development is coming, but both candidates express a willingness to keep the brakes on it for their district.

The Third is another sprawling and difficult-to-define district that stretches from the largely African American neighborhoods around Brick Church Pike up to more rural and white areas north of Old Hickory Boulevard.

It has a city-side/suburban/rural balancing act similar to that of District 1.

During this date, Michelle will make use of any Nitro that your vehicle has ready.

She will automatically turn it on herself if it's available, speeding up your car.

At an unknown point in time, Michelle qualified as a mechanic and opened her own garage in Downtown San Fierro.

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