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12-Feb-2021 18:17

Mindy’s brother, Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, attacked Mindy last fall when he was promoting “Almost Black: The True Story of How I Got Into Medical School by Pretending To Be Black.” But he has no comment on her pending motherhood. Vijay told me last year things ended between Kaling and Nugent when she agreed to help Ben’s sister, Annie Baker, get an agent, but then secretly asked her connections at William Morris Endeavor not to represent her.

There’s a possibility that she could have knocked her own self up via in vitro fertilization.

“She just started telling her friends the happy news,” adds a source.

ongrats to Mindy Kaling, who’s soon going to be a mom!

Though the Mindy Project actress, 38, has yet to reveal the father of her upcoming bundle of joy, she has candidly expressed her desire to have children.

“I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids,” she told Yahoo! “I’m going to not actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen,” Kaling continued.

Well, whatever the case, the whole world might to just have to wait to hear from Kaling’s mouth, and she might choose never to tell.