Monica dating maino

21-Sep-2020 17:59

Ever since R&B Diva broke up with her baby daddy Rocko, her fans have been wondering who she's kicking it with now.

Monica might say she's way too busy with her children and her career to find the time for a relationship. A little birdie told us that the new thug in her life is rapper Maino!

Keyshia Cole is allegedly dating Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and rapper Maino is in the mix, too.

If Daniel doesn't want to be disciplined (a la Yung Berg), he should take his balls and exit the picture now. Keyshia's manager Manny Halley has since debunked the rumors that she's dating Maino.“In response to the rumor about superstar R&B Artist Keyshia Cole dating rapper Maino, which has been floating around the ‘Net, I, Manny Halley would like all the bloggers to personally know that there is no truth to this rumor.

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They in my opinion are both great people and them and their families are all friends but that is all. The funny part is this photo was taken as they saw each other and said hello.

My one year anniversary is next month.: Suga Brown Bird I agree.