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A small percentage of accounts for the Europeans and the Jews. Mayssa Maghrebi (1980, Morocco) - Moroccan actress who starred in dramatic films of Arab cinema, especially popular in the Gulf states.

This is the third in the world in terms of population after the Arabic-speaking countries of Egypt and Sudan. The Top 25 most beautiful Moroccan women includes well-known actress, singer, model, winner of beauty contests with Moroccan roots, living in Morocco and beyond. Karima Adebibe (14 February 1985) - Moroccan and English actress and fashion model. Amelle Berrabah (22 April 1984) - British singer, songwriter and former member of the Sugababes who replaced founding member Mutya Buena in the group in December 2005. Actress is called "Arab Kim Kardashian." Mayssa lover of traditional Arab clothes, so well known in the Arab world under the name "Princess of abaya".

This country is located between Africa and Europe, a place where East meets West.

Morrocco population are Arabs (about 60%) and Berber (40%).

But now the situation has changed fundamentally: In this day and age, the necessity of getting married is decreasing dramatically – marriage is not compulsory for everyone.

In fact, happy marriages only represent a very small percentage in this world, and most married couples are just trying to get by, hence the rising divorce rate.

To this extent in the major cities Morocco can be as sexy as it gets in the Islamic world.

Head out to a night club though and you’ll see just a bunch of guys in their cool, fake Levis.

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