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The significant attraction of these helmets is their protectiveness.Some wearers dislike the increased heat, sense of isolation, lack of wind, and reduced hearing of such helmets.All of these types of helmets are secured by a chin strap, and their protective benefits are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, if the chin strap is not securely fastened so as to maintain a snug fit.From most to least protective, as generally accepted by riders and manufacturers, the helmet types are: A full face helmet covers the entire head, with a rear that covers the base of the skull, and a protective section over the front of the chin.He presented the design to the Auto-Cycle Union where it was initially condemned, but later converted to the idea and made them compulsory for the 1914 Isle of Man TT races, although there was resistance from riders.Gardner took 94 of these helmets with him to the Isle of Man, and one rider who hit a gate with a glancing blow was saved by the helmet. Lawrence (known as Lawrence of Arabia) had a crash on a Brough Superior SS100 on a narrow road near his cottage near Wareham.

Some helmets provide additional conveniences, such as ventilation, face shields, ear protection, intercom etc. A 2008 systematic review examined studies on motorcycle riders who had crashed and looked at helmet use as an intervention.

A hybrid between full face and open face helmets for street use is the modular or "flip-up" helmet, also sometimes termed "convertible" or "flip-face".

This stems from the use of the Celtic cross by Norwegian Nazis during World War II.… continue reading »

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