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06-Dec-2020 11:55

I'm delighted I don't have to leap through these flaming hoops on my 2HD, and I sure hope I never see a Netflix 'upgrade' on that unit.

Guy in charge of Netflix 'features' and updates: Good news for all netflix users, for those of you who haven't seen already, you can now absolutely clear your viewing history on netflix.

Combine this with the poorly implemented way that netflix uses their adpative streaming and it goes to show just how much better Amazon is as an overall streaming service.

I'm sick of how every netflix video I play begins in horribly poor quality before it eventually clears up after 30 to 60 seconds of bad quality.

I like that we also have the ability to clear movies and shows from your history that have expired and you can no longer watch, so if they do get back on streaming they will also be cleared out.

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They still haven't added the ability to delete movies or episodes from recently watched. I have a Roku 1, and a Roku LT, both show the 50 most recent watched items.I should have clarified that it is the actual Netflix website where I am seeing my entire viewing history.

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