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A language that is primarily based on a building block that, though not exclusive to military life, got its start in so-called “military speak” and has become a fundamental part of communication between service members. Some of you may have heard the term FUBAR and have a vague idea that it means something has gone wrong, but FUBAR is an acronym that started life in the military and encompasses all that makes military acronyms so special.

That basic building block of military speech is the acronym, and it is nigh on impossible to go more than two minutes in any conversation with a military member without encountering several acronyms. But the military has a particular love for turning everything they can into an acronym. You can’t always go around throwing out swear words, because you may be among civilians or ranking brass who will get their panties in a wad.

In the hallowed halls of American military institutions around the world, the close ties of those who defend freedom against those enemies foreign and domestic leads to a special relationship that is seen nowhere else.

As with any close-knitted group, a level of exclusivity develops, which brings with it things that not only separate it from other groups, but also add a level of mystery that is not easily understood.

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Trading a candy bar for that shiny new gear is far more acceptable than bringing nothing to the salty old Supply Sergeant and ending up with something that has been in use since the Revolutionary War.It’s that or a little bathroom tug, so why not bring the pogey bait to at least give you options.