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02-Apr-2020 23:45

Students labeled as mildly intellectually disabled demonstrate delays in cognitive, social, and adaptive behavior skills within typical classroom settings.Often when they are in different settings, these same individuals function quite capably both socially and vocationally.We are sure there are some topics and materials we have missed.

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The severity of the intellectual disability is determined by the discrepancy between the individual's capabilities in learning and in and the expectations of the social environment.

For many of these individuals, there is no specific known cause of their developmental delays.

The validity and reliability of the IQ tests used with these individuals are often in question.

Curriculum and instruction must be carefully modified to help these students reach their potential in both academics and other functional areas such as independent living.

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While these students will have limitations in many adaptive behaviors, these limitations will co-exist alongside strengths in other areas within the individual.Prevalence ratings for intellectual disabilities are inconsistent, highlighting the often hidden nature of intellectual disabilities within other disability classifications. Of that number, 9.6%, or 573,264 students, received special education services based on a classification of intellectually disabled.